At the request of FCBA as the partner in charge of the present order of the IMIP project of the INTERREG SUDOE Programme, we invite you to submit your financial offer for the supply entitled:

Order SD1 - Manufacture of CLT for roof elements of IMIP Pilot Action (Annex 1 of the amended addendum).

This order will be paid in two parts by FCBA and Xylofutur according to the most advantageous amount indicated (plus taxes), whose invoicing details are as follows:

FCBA, Allée de Boutaut BP 227 - 33028 Bordeaux Cedex (France)

Xylofutur, 1 cours du Général de Gaulle - 33170 Gradignan (France)

The specifications of the CLT boards to be manufactured and processed are detailed at the end of this email (*). The plans are attached in .pdf and .dwg files.

If you are interested, you should send us your financial offer within a maximum of 5 days from the date of publication of this offer to the e-mail address below:


Your financial offer must include:
- The title of this offer in bold type in the first paragraph of this e-mail
- The budget for the realisation of the supply
- Data required for the invoice

By submitting your offer for the project, you accept the deadline for delivery of the material by 15.01.2023. If your offer is the most advantageous, we will contact you to start the work.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

Jean-Denis Lanvin, FCBA



The task to be carried out by the company awarded the contract will consist of:

Manufacture CLT boards made of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) from SUDOE origin (Spain, SUDOE regions of France: Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie or Portugal), including all the elements described in the attached drawings, after appropriate processing and cutting in accordance with these drawings.

Características a cumplir por el CLT del suministro:
1. CLT de 140 mm de grosor compuesto por 7 capas de 20 mm de grosor cada una, con la última capa orientada longitudinalmente (según la dirección de mayor longitud del panel maestro del que se corten las piezas).
2. La madera que compone los tableros tras su saneo y empalme deberá estar clasificada como calidad ME2 según UNE 56.544, STIII según NFB52-001-1 o E según NP 4095, en función del país de origen de la madera. Contenido de humedad 12%.
3. Las tablas que formen las caras deberán estar empalmadas usando finger-joint estructural (adhesivo y perfil, etc.). No se admitirán nudos a una distancia inferior a 3 veces el diámetro respecto del inicio del finger, fingers sin contacto completo, gemas en el finger, u otros defectos de encolado análogos.
4. Gluing the layers together on the wide side.
5. Gluing with certified Type I structural adhesive, both for the boards to each other and to the finger.
6. Reference standard for manufacturing, dimensional tolerances, etc. UNE EN 16351 (2016) or equivalent specification. The company must have an internal manufacturing control that includes periodic gluing quality control tests.

The quotation must include:
** The cost of the wood + the cost of manufacturing the panels.
Note: in accordance with the objectives of the project, it is essential that all the wood is of the same species (Pinus pinaster).

The budget must NOT include:
** The cost of transport to destination

The manufacturer shall:
Manufacture, cut and machine the CLT panels according to the pattern required to obtain the parts indicated in the plans. After cutting, label the part code on each part in accordance with the drawings, using an indelible means (marker pen or label).

Commitments of the company in charge of the order
The company must:
• Deliver the material of order SD1 on the specified date
• Meet the quality requirements for the structural bonding of parts
• Provide the necessary resources for the manufacturing of the order
• Follow the instructions and indications from the Project coordinator
• Keep as confidential the information of the project obtained as a result of its participation at least during a period of 5 years.

Downloading the .pdf file
Downloading the .dwg file