Within the framework of the IMIP project, financed by the INTERREG SUDOE programme, and at the request of Jean-Denis Lanvin, project manager for FCBA, we invite you to submit an offer for the supply of "Materials necessary for the realization of pilot actions of the IMIP project".
To do so, please send us your offer to perform within 7 days to: jean-denis.lanvin@fcba.fr, in accordance with the specifications detailed below, including a service proposal, a budget, complete tax data and the supplier's bank details to the attention of FCBA whose billing address is:
Institut technologique FCBA, Allee de Boutaut BP 227 - 33028 Bordeaux cedex
In accordance with the rules for the award of the European market, in the event of the most advantageous offer, we will contact you again to start the work.

The task to be carried out by the winning company will be to supply cork panels with the characteristics specified in the following table:

The orders will be shipped separately: first order CN 2.1 (priority), second order CN 2.2 and third order CN 2.3 and CN 2.4 (both in one shipment).

This material is envisaged in the IMIP project of the INTERREG SUDOE Programme, as a equipment expenditure.

The selected company will have the following obligations:
- Deliver the specified material on the specified date
- Allocate the necessary resources to supply the specified material.
- Follow the instructions and guidelines of the FCBA project manager
- Respect the confidentiality of information to which you have access in the course of the contract and maintain confidentiality for a period of five years from the time you become aware of such information