AITIM, as the coordinator of the present common expense’s order from INTERREG SUDOE research Project IMIP, kindly request to your company to send your best budget offer for the supply: Order SD2 – Manufacturing and machining of CLT panels to be used as component for the faces of A and C composite panels of IMIP project.

The characteristics and requirements of the CLT panels to manufacture are detailed below.
If your company is interested in the production of this supply your answer and economical proposal must be submitted to us within the next 10 days after the publication of this tender to the following address:

Your proposal must include:
- The title of the present order that is included in bold letters in the first paragraph of article.
- The Budget required for the production of the supply.
- The acceptance of the company to supply the panels before 03.05.2022
- Data necessary for the invoice.
The costs will be charged in two independent invoices addressed to the 2 partners of the Project involved in the payment following these proportions: AITIM (54,24%) and FCBA (45,76 %). The data of both partners are as follows:

AITIM – Asociación de Investigación Técnica de las Industrias de la Madera
CIF G 28 194 603
Calle Flora 3, 2º izquierda
28013 Madrid – España
Contact person: Fernando Peraza / Emilio Luengo / Marta Bermúdez
Contact email:

FCBA - Institut Technologique Forêt Cellulose Bois-construction Ameublement
VAT Code: FR 14 775 680 903
10 Rue Galilée
77420 Champs sur Marne – France
Contact person: Jean Denis Lanvin
Contact email:

In case of being your proposal considered as the best of all the received we will contact you again to start the production arrangement.
If you need any further information do not hesitate in contacting with us,

Fernando Peraza Sánchez
Director Técnico de AITIM


The task to be performed by the company in charge of manufacturing this order will consist on:

To manufacture CLT panels of 60-63 mm total thickness composed by 3 layers (20+20+20 or 21+21+21 mm) and also the cutting and machining of the final elements as indicated in the cutting plans provided.

Dimensions and no. of panels to manufacture

Wood supply:
The wood supply cost must not be included in this economical proposal.
Unplanned wood boards of 25x150x2500 mm or other similar dimension that allow the manufacturing of the CLT elements. The Wood species to be used must be maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) or uncinata pine (Pinus uncinata), both species obtained in the Sudoe Region (South and southwest of France, Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra or Portugal), Dry (12-14%), unplanned and with some degree of pregrading (V, B or alike).

Manufacturing of this order

The manufacturer must:
o Grade the transversal boards to be used in the central layer according to its country of origin as a ME2 grade of UNE 56.5444, E grade of NP 4095, or STIII grade of NF B52-001-1, and plane.
o Grade the longitudinal boards for the external layers according to its country of origin as a ME2 grade of UNE 56.5444, E grade of NP 4095, or STIII grade of NF B52-001-1, (defect cutting), finger-joint and plane to obtain the necessary lamellas. Bonding with structural (Type I) adhesive.
o Glue the layers of boards and lamellas with structural adhesive (Type 1) and press them to manufacture the CLT 63 mm thick element.
o Allow the adhesive to cure
o Perform the cutting and machining as required
Note: the panels will be used afterwards for the manufacturing of ribbed panels and could be cut once these are manufactured.

Cutting and machining of the CLT elements
Once the CLT are manufactured, the company in charge of this order will cut and machine them as follows:


Notes: The dimensions could be adjusted in the detailling process by agreement with the manufacturer. One of the A1 elements must be split in two by a longitudinal additional cut.

Commitments of the company in charge of the order

The company must:
• Supply the order SD2 elements on time before the date indicated as a deadline
• Fulfil the requirements of quality on the Wood grading and in the structural bonding of the elements
• Provide the necessary resources for the manufacturing of the order
• Follow the instructions and indications from the Project coordinator of the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV)
• Keep as confidential the information of the project obtained as a result of its participation at least during a period of 5 years.