IMIP Web application:
creation of an IMIP application to assess the environmental impact of using this type of panel in a new build or renovation

As part of the development of IMIP panels, one of the actions was to be able to directly assess the environmental impact of using this type of panel in a new build or renovation.

A web application has been developed with the following objectives:
1- Publish energy certificates for construction and renovation projects,
2- Carry out life cycle analyses (LCA) of projects,
3- Estimate the carbon storage of projects.


Link to IMIP web application


1- Generate an energy certificate

The web application uses an .ifc file (a format for exchanging data relating to a BIM project) to calculate the building's energy consumption and produce an energy certification report that is officially recognised in Spain by the Ministry of Industry (such as the report produced by the HULC software or the one produced by IVE-Institut de la Construcción de Valencia).

2- Carrying out a life cycle analysis of the building

Using an .ifc file and the databases available on Ecoinvent and OpenLCA, the web application generates a life cycle analysis data file compatible with calculation software such as SimaPro or Ecometro.

3- Estimating a project's carbon storage

The calculation method used to estimate the carbon storage of a construction or renovation project follows the UNE-EN standard 16449:2014.


The IMIP web application has been developed for use directly on a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc).

1 Upload your .ifc model to the web application


2 Carrying out cross-sections on the project


3 Export the energy certificate .txt file


Innovative Eco-Construction System Based on Interlocking Modular Insulation Wood & Cork-Based Panels

Design, validation and implementation of an ecological construction system based on natural biological materials to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.
Modular interconnected wood and cork insulating panel systems can replace traditional systems, generating technical, environnemental and socio-economic benefits for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, through the implementation of networks and joint experimentation.

The IMIP project is co-financed by the Interreg Sudoe program and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Total eligible cost (€): € 1,326,162.88
ERDF fund (€): € 994,622.63


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