At the request of INIA as the partner in charge of this order of the IMIP Project of the INTERREG SUDOE Programme, we invite you to submit your financial offer for the supply entitled: Order SD5.1 - Manufacture and cutting of special CLT-OSB boards of the IMIP Project.

The specifications of the boards to be manufactured and machined are detailed below.

If you are interested, you should send us your economic offer within a maximum period of 10 days from the date of publication of this offer to the following e-mail address:

Your financial offer must include:
- The title of this offer in bold type in the first paragraph of this offer:
Order SD5.1 - Manufacture and cutting of special CLT-OSB boards for the IMIP project.
- The budget for the realisation of the supply
- Data required for the invoice

The budget shall be addressed to:
CIF: Q02818002D
Address: Ctra. La Coruña km. 7,2. 28040 Madrid (España)

By submitting your offer for the project, you agree to accept the deadline for the production of the material by 25.07.22.

If your offer is the most advantageous, we will contact you to request your details in order to register you as a supplier and start the work. We remain at your disposal for any further information.

Eva Hermoso Prieto
Centro de Investigación Forestal
Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

Requirements order SD5.1

The task to be carried out by the company awarded the contract will consist of:
Manufacture 54 units of a board, called CLT-OSB. The dimensions of the board will be 1 m wide x 2 m long and 45 mm thick. It is a special board made up of three layers, with two outer layers made up of 18 mm thick single-layer laminated of pinaster board and an intern layer of a 9 mm thick OSB/3 board cut into strips to be defined and placed against each other. 48 units will be used to form the sandwich panel faces and 6 for testing as a component.

To do this, the following operations must be carried out:
- Calibrate and cut the component boards to uniform thicknesses and adjust sizes to the required layout in the product.
- Manufacture three-layer boards of dimensions 1 m wide x 2 m long by gluing and pressing the two single-layer laminated boards of pinaster, which will be placed in the outer layers, to a core of 9 mm OSB board formed by wide strips of this product.
For this purpose:
Gluing shall be carried out with structural adhesive. If this is not available, and given that these are test prototypes, with glues of type D3-D4. Complete gluing coverage. Weight and bonding conditions according to the adhesive data sheet and the environmental conditions of the bonding area.
Pressing and curing according to the adhesive data sheet.
- Cut the boards to final dimension with straight edge.

Note: The component materials (single-layer laminated boards of pinaster and OSB) required for the manufacture are required in an individual order and their cost should not be included in this quotation.

Commitments of the company in charge of the order

The company must:
- Supply the order SD5.1 elements on time before the date indicated as a deadline
- Comply with the quality requirements for the gluing of the components. No debonding or delamination are allowed. The gluing coverage must be total (minimum 85-90% of the glued area).
- Provide the necessary resources for the manufacturing of the order
- Follow the instructions and indications from the Project coordinator
- Keep as confidential the information of the project obtained as a result of its participation at least during a period of 5 years.