At the request of INIA as the partner in charge of the present order of the IMIP project of the INTERREG SUDOE Programme, we invite you to submit your financial offer for the item entitled:

11.1 Labour for the construction of the Pilot Action Valencia IMIP project.

The specifications are detailed at the end of this news (*).

If you are interested, you should send us your financial offer within a maximum of 5 days from the date of publication of this news to the following email address:

Your financial offer must include:
- The title of this offer in bold type in the first paragraph of this news: 11.1 Labour for the construction of the Pilot Action Valencia IMIP project
- The budget for the realisation of the described assembly.
- Data required for invoicing

The budget and invoicing will be made to:
ADDRESS: Ctra. La Coruña km. 7,5. 28040 Madrid (Spain)

Sending your offer to the project will imply your acceptance of the deadline established for its execution from the moment the IMIP systems are supplied by the promoter.

If your offer is the most advantageous, we will contact you to start the works. I remain at your disposal for any further information.


11.1 Labour for the construction of the Pilot Action Valencia IMIP project

The task to be carried out by the company awarded the contract will consist of:
- Providing the labour to carry out all the work necessary for the correct assembly, erection, and perfect state of use of the "Pilot Action Valencia" building (documentation attached) to be built on the plot allocated for this purpose at the Universitat Politècnica de València located in Camino de Vera s/n - Valencia.
- To provide all auxiliary means, tools and health and safety measures, as well as the personal protection of all the company's workers participating in this offer for the work.

Obligations of the company
The company awarded the contract will have the following obligations:
- To provide all the necessary workers with the appropriate qualifications to carry out the work assigned to achieve the correct assembly and construction of the Pilot action.
- Comply with the requirements of quality of execution and proper commissioning of the building.
- Assign the necessary resources for the correct execution of the works.
- Follow the instructions and guidelines of the IMIP project manager and the project manager or, where apropriate, the project execution manager.
- To respect the confidential nature of the information to which it has access on the occasion of the acceptance of its offer and to maintain confidentiality for a period of five years from the time it becomes aware of this information.