The aim of this course is to introduce participants to timber construction and the use of prefabricated solutions. The contents range from the analysis of sustainable forest management and the materials available in the SUDOE region (South-West Europe), to the specific characteristics of the innovative prefabricated wood and cork panels developed in the framework of the IMIP project, together with other tools that support technicians in the design of projects using these solutions.

Content of the course

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Enhanced use of wood in construction based on sustainable forest management
José Vicente Oliver

Compatibility of existing construction systems
Salvador Gilabert Sanz

Integral design of the construction system value chain
Jorge Gominho

Examples of application and pilot actions
Salvador Gilabert Sanz

Construction Revolution
Julen Pérez Santisteban

Environmental assessment: ICT integration and climate change mitigation evaluation
Melchor Monleón Domenech

Connecting the designer with the carpenter
Pablo Martinez Coto

Life Cycle Analysis of interlocking panels
Joan Romero Clausell

Designing with CLT, from concept to execution
Manuel Lobo Parra

Digital twin
Salvador Gilabert Sanz

Features of IMIP Panels
Salvador Gilabert Sanz

Implementation in National Recognised Official Tools
Isaac Villanova Civera