On April 18, the final event of the IMIP project will be held in Seville, whose objective is to support the change towards a low-carbon economy through intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth with a special focus on the construction sector. In addition, the project contributes to climate change mitigation by increasing the use of wood and cork products in the construction and rehabilitation of public buildings thanks to its high energy efficiency and carbon storage capacity.

The results achieved in the IMIP project will be presented at the event, among others, the roadmap prepared for the improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings through the use of local biological resources, the construction solutions developed including the presentation of their energy characteristics and environmental, the simulation tools used, as well as the results of the pilots implemented. In addition, the results of other innovative projects developed in the same field and with which the IMIP project has collaborated will be capitalized.

Among these results, the design of a new construction system based on prefabricated modular pieces characterized by its easy, fast and economical assembly and disassembly for reuse stands out. The source of raw material has been low-quality wood from pine forests that grow in Mediterranean conditions and cork. In addition, a plug-in has been developed to model carbon stocks and the substitution effect of wood products using the BIM methodology.

The event will be held online and in person, and the option in which you will participate must be indicated on the registration form for the event : https://www.agenciaandaluzadelaenergia.es/es/evento-final-proyecto-imip-en-sevilla-espana-18-de-abril-de-2023?nid=3245

The event will have simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.